Children are welcome at all of our events and all events are free of charge.

All events (unless otherwise noted) will meet at the HCCP parking area on Clear Creek Road, just west of the Clear Creek Bridge.

April 1 (Sat.) 9:00 a.m. – ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY CLEAN UP

Volunteers will clean up a stretch of Clear Creek Road around the Preserve for 2 – 3 hours.  We provide vests for visibility, tools to pick up small items and garbage bags.  Please bring gloves.  Lunch/snacks on us afterwards at Carl’s Jr. on Westside Road.

April 15 (Sat.) 10 a.m. – “GEOLOGY”

Kody Shellhouse, a geologist with the Bureau of Land Management, will take us on a two-mile stroll along old roads and trails near Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve.  Enjoy the fresh air and exercise while you learn about the rocky history of the local area. This hike meets at the yellow steel gate, on the south side of Clear Creek Road about 6 miles west of highway 273 (1 mile east of the HCCP parking area).

April 16 (Sun.) 9:00 a.m. – “PLANT AND COMMUNITY ECOLOGY WALK”

Ever wonder what the name of a plant is you were looking at along the trail?  Or, maybe you have wondered why that plant was growing where it is?  Or, maybe you are interested in knowing what functions the plant performs in the ecosystem?  We will explore all of these questions on this walk!  We will learn to identify some key plants (both native and invasive) in the landscape and how they relate to the community and ecosystem.  We will walk along the trail short distances and take time to explore the plant community around us.  All ages are encouraged to come explore the ecology of Clear Creek with BLM’s Laura Brodhead.   

April 22 (Sat.)  11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. --  EARTH DAY

Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve will have a booth for Earth Day celebrations at Caldwell Park.  Please join us and many other groups at this event which features music, booths, kid’s activities and more.  Shasta Environmental Alliance is hosting this event - for more information go to


Join native Wintu Ted Dawson on a spring walk while he locates, identifies, and explains medicinal and general uses of native plants.  Ted consulted and provided technical support at Turtle Bay for Native American exhibits.  Today’s presentation includes making a natural poison oak remedy.  Bring a jar - take some home.    

We are trying something new, scheduling two separate hikes with Barbara Peck on one day – one following the next.  You can attend either OR both. 

May 6 (Sat.) 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. –  “EARLY BIRD WATCHERS” 

Enjoy early morning bird watching with local expert Barbara Peck.  Barbara has a Masters in Wildlife Biology and Ecology.  She will point out birds and tell us more about them as we stroll over portions of the Preserve.  Bring binoculars if you have them.  We have some to share. 

May 6 (Sat.) 10:00 -     “NATURAL HISTORY WALK”   

Today’s walk with Barbara Peck will encompass wildlife on the Preserve; including plants, animals, birds and butterflies. Barbara is very familiar with Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve.  Bring binoculars if you have them.  We have some to share.


Come walk with David Ledger from the Native Plant Society and Shasta Environment Alliance.  Enjoy the beauty of blooming wildflowers, the stimulation of a walk in the country, and learn about plants and nature.  This will be a great Sunday afternoon hike.  David is very knowledgeable about plants in our area. 


Join local angler Mark Clausen as he discusses fly fishing and watch from the beach as he demonstrates the technique of casting a fly on beautiful Clear Creek. He will share facts about wild trout on Clear Creek and some of the equipment used on the sport.  Mark has been tying his own flies and fishing this stretch of creek for many years. NOT limited to fisherman.

May 20 (Sat.) 10:00 a.m. - “GOLD RUSH HISTORY WALK”

The community of Horsetown was established near the second major gold discovery in California at Reading’s Bar on Clear Creek during the gold rush of 1849.  Enjoy a pleasant spring walk with a view of that site with Preserve Board Member Cathy Scott.  Learn about our local gold rush history and Horsetown.  Bring some friends and walking shoes.

June 11 (Sun.) 12:00 p.m. – “BUGS ON THE BOTTOM – STREAM BOTTOM ECOLOGY”

Wade the stream with Shasta College Instructor Morgan Hannaford, PhD – or watch from shore – as he gathers strange and fascinating insects from their underwater homes.  Dr. Hannaford has a passion for teaching all ages, from kindergartners to retirees, and the topic is intriguing.  Don’t miss this family event.  We will bring extra nets to allow guests, big and small, the opportunity to gather insects.     Bring a sack lunch if you would like to.

Children are welcome at all of our events and all events are free of charge.
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An anonymous donor has offered a reward of $500 for a photograph of Horsetown. If you have one, please contact Dottie Simth, the Shasta Historical Society or Horsetown-Clear Creek Preserve. For more information see the Redding Record Searchlight article Travelin' in Time: Wanted: photo of Horsetown, reward offered.

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